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Patrick Rothfuss’s Doors of Stone Release Date Revealed

If you are a hardcore fan of Doors of Stone then you already know that this news might not be coming as much of a surprise. This is because the release date for the last chapter in The Kingkiller Chronicles series has been postponed many times and now fans are not even sure if they should believe it this time. You would remember that the release date of Doors of Stone kept changing since 2014. And now it is hard to find something one would believe.

With me here I have the latest information about Doors of Stone release date and everything you will need t know about it. Hopefully, this tie things will be for real and the last chapter of this book can be finally released. We will go through all the details we have bit by bit so that we understand what has been going on all along.

The Author of the book, Patrick Rothfuss has revealed that he is no longer thinking of the book’s deadline anymore. He also indicated that the upcoming book will be published as soon as he finishes working on it. So far the book has finished about 5 years in production and hopefully, it will be carrying with it a great story.

Patrick Rothfuss’s Doors of Stone Release Date

Doors of Stone will be released on Thursday, 20 August 2020. This will be the final chapter in the Kingkller Chronicles series. And fans of this work are eager to find out how things will finally turn out to be at the end. This is also another reason why fans are in a little of unrest as they have been waiting for a while on the conclusion of the story of the book and what will finally happen at the very end.

The Doors of Stone is expected to covet the adventures of the lead Kvothe which was left hanging in the first two books of the series. The story covered by the book takes place in a period of about one day. And the entire series will be covering the story that happened in three days distributed through three books. The last and the final book will reveal the major mysteries that were left unsolved in the first two books.

The series is based on fantasy and The Doors of Stone will be coming as the third book in the series and will be the one to wrap up the story. The first book is called Wind and the second one is Wise Man’s Fear whilst the last one will be called Doors of Stone.

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