One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

The Straw Hat Pirates alliance is planning to get ready in their positions. Nico Robin, Jinbe, and Cyborg Franky and the group of samurai who are led by Hyogoro of the Flower they have managed to reach the banquet hall safely. Shogun Orochi is planning to execute Kozuki Momonosuke in the banquet hall. All the members of the Nine Red Scabbards are already in Onigashima.

Ulti and Page One came back to their senses and are fine, it’s stated by the beasts pirates fodders that Dinosaur df users are very tough and durable. Dinosaurs’ devil fruit users are stated to have amazing speed and durability. Yamato wanted to go and talk to Luffy somewhere where there are no Kaido’s subordinates.

Kinemon and Kyoshiro are in separate groups that are going to enter the eastern and western sides of the Beast Pirates’ headquarters, the remaining members of the Nine Red Scabbards – Raizo, Kiku, Inuarashi, Kawamatsu the Kappa, Ashura Doji, and Nekomamushi are waiting in the entrance of Onigashima. Raizo, Kiku, Inuarashi, Kawamatsu, and Ashura Doji arrived with Trafalgar Law.

Nekomamushi brought the Guardians and the two former division commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix and Izo, with him. Luffy said that he can just finish Kaido’s fodders in 5 secs but Yamato opposed and made a smokescreen. Robin revealed a technique in which she can make 3 copies of her body. The samurais invade the Banquet hall, Law checks the situation from his submarine and Izo meets with Kiku.

One piece chapter 985
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The members of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance are in their positions, only a few days left for the war breaks out in the Land of Wano. Even though  Kaido’s sublimates are already aware of the presence of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance in Onigashima. Kaido and other Pirates are not worried about the straw hat.

Kaido is planning to make the execution of Momonosuke more interesting. Emperor Kaido said that they are planning to make a huge announcement about the New Onigashima project and its connection to Big Mom Pirates captain and  Yamato. Luffy gives 5 minutes for Yamato to talk, the latter has said that he witnessed Oden’s execution and was impressed, he wants to fulfill Oden’s will.

Yamato’s mask fell and we get to see his bare face, Yamato watches Luffy and remembers Ace. The fact that Yamato is a woman is correct when the musk fell she appeared to be a woman and her real name is Atsumi. He also stated that It doesn’t feel like Oda’s usual writing style. Marines, Shanks, Garp are deciding if they should enter the fight later. Sanji and Zorro are planing that they must fight their battle either from flying six or Commanders of Kaido that include Queen, King, and Jack.