Mountain Monsters Season 7: Release Date and Updates
Mountain Monsters Season 7: Release Date

Mountain Monsters Season 7: Release Date and New Cast

In this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with Mountain Monsters Season 7. The cryptozoology-themed reality television series was first released back in 2013 on Destination America. The Series mainly follows Appalachian Researchers of Mysterious Sightings (A.I.M.S.) Team. The team consists of a total group of six native West Virginian hunters and trappers, as they study and pursue unidentified creatures in the Appalachian Mountain. Because of the overwhelming responses from the past seasons, the show has been revived 6 times so far. The Sixth season was released back in August 2019. Therefore as the viewers and the show enthusiasts wanted more updates when the Mountain Monsters will start premiering season 7. So in this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with new season 7. So here is all you need to know. 

Mountain Monsters Season 7: Updates

According to some speculations and some educated guesses, season 7 of Mountain Monsters is expected to return on the big screen in August 2020. Recently a teaser of the Mountain Monsters Season 7 went viral where also it was mentioned that the show will return on August 2020. Here is the teaser trailer of season 7.

Mountain Monsters Season 7: Release Date

The Mountain Monsters Season 7 is expected release on August 2020. That is the update we have got so far concerning the season 7 of Mountain Monsters. However, things might get delayed a bit more due to Pandemic. So if we receive any more updates about the series we will keep you posted. 

Cast Details 

The Show is expected to return with the same six cast members as the previous six seasons. The Cast for new season consists of the following people here are the list. 

Mountain Monsters Season 7 Cast
Mountain Monsters Cast
  • John “Trapper” Tice: The Team Leader
  • Jacob “Buck” Lowe, Expert caller (formerly rookie)
  • Joseph “Huckleberry” Lott, Security
  • Jeff Headlee, Researcher
  • Willy McQuillian, Trap builder
  • William “Wild Bill” Neff, Expert tracker

Mountain Monsters Season 7: How many Episodes it will feature? 

Well as of now we do not have any update concerning the episode details of the forthcoming season. But based on stats of previous 6 seasons we can guess that season 7 is expected to feature a fresh batch of 10-13 Episodes this season. However, we still have to wait for an official update about the Season 7 episode details. However, if we receive any further updates about the show we will keep you posted. 

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