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Official Poster for the thriller-crime drama series 'Absentia'.

Absentia Season 4 Release Date – What To Expect From New Season

The American thriller drama ‘Absentia’ recently released its third season and the fans have absolutely loved it. It is a crime thriller series directed by Oded Ruskin and created by Gaia Violo and Matt Cirulnick. Two seasons were released until recently and the show was renewed for its third season in 2019 and was later released on 17th July 2020. As the third season is out, let us understand what to expect from the Absentia Season 4.

The story revolves around Emily Byrne, who is an FBI agent and goes missing while hunting for one of the most wanted serial killers. After being untraceable, she is declared dead but after six years, she is found in a cabin in the woods. She returns after losing all her memory of the years she went missing. She comes back home to find out her husband got remarried to someone and his new wife is raising her son. After returning, she realizes soon that she has gotten herself into a series of murders.

Till now, there are no updates of the season being renewed or canceled. As AXN just released the third season, the production will wait to see the viewership ratings before renewing for a new season. Season 3 showed Emily being suspended and Nick getting kidnapped while working on a case with her. She is trying to set things right with her son and assumes Nick is dead but later Nick is found in an isolated place. After a few struggles, Nick and Emily meet and work on eliminating the bio-weapon operation. Season 4 will pick up from the end of Season 3 and will show the development of Emily after all the psychological trauma she has went through in the past few years. They might be included in more cases together and will continue fighting to protect themselves and their family.

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A still of Stana Katic from Season 3 of ‘Absentia’.


Amazon Prime Video released the trailer for Season 3 of ‘Absentia’ on 17th July 2020 on their official YouTube channel. The trailer shows Emily working with Nick. It shows how things are going to get complicated for Emily with the life of her family being compromised. The third season has surely been interesting and has impressed the fans and has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. It has already crossed 34k views.

Absentia Season 4 Release Date:

Absentia Season 4 is expected to release in July 2022, although the renewal of Season 4 has not been announced yet. We do not know whether the show will return or not, but the series is surely gaining fans and has steady ratings. Season 3 got released on 17th July 2020 and consisted of ten episodes. Even if the show were to return, sadly it will not be before 2022 as the pandemic has put a stop to all the filming and production activities.

The cast for the show has many versatile and skillful artists who have made their names earlier with their stellar performances. Some of them are:

  • Stana Katic as Special Agent Emily Byrne
  • Patrick Heusinger as Special Agent Nick Durand
  • Cara Theobold as Alice Durand
  • Neil Jackson as Jack Byrne
  • Paul Freeman as Warren Byrne
  • Christopher Colquhoun as Special Agent Derek Crown
  • Patrick McAuley as Flynn Durand/ Emily and Nick’s son
  • Matthew Le Nevez as Special Agent Cal Isaac
  • Natasha Little as Special Agent Julianne Gunnarsen
  • Geoff Bell as Colin Dawkins
  • Josette Simon as Rowena Kincade

We will update the dates to you guys as soon as we get any kind of information or details. Until then, stay tuned and stay safe.