Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon delivers Keynote at IFA Berlin 2020

Qualcomm looks into the future as CEO Cristiano Amon delivers keynote at IFA 2020 Berlin. His presentation, an hour-long concise outline of the company’s next endeavors as they traverse they 5G world with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and network mesh equipment. For Qualcomm, connectivity is essential, communications are the key to development. As they enter the 2020s, the company won’t only produce smartphone chips, as they look at the youth segment demand for devices that keep them connected to the internet. For Amon, 5G, WiFi 6, Cloud, and AI are essential for the development of the next generation of telecommunications. The demand for always-on, always-connected devices that can deliver everything from video calls today to Augmented-Reality presence in the future.

Qualcomm aims to combine digital and physical work as user behavior changes in a post coronavirus world that demands higher speed, higher performance, improved and extended battery life, and cloud support with seamless integration in the household. The idea of a 5G, AI, AR, IoT house, a symphony of gadgets and appliances doing all sorts of tasks as humans evolve with technology in a world where futurism is now. 5G is revered as the superior technology with fast commercialization that the covid-19 pandemic boosted even more.

Qualcomm presented at IFA their projections for tech trends for the next decade, the company expects that the industry will manufacture over 750 million 5G devices by 2022 and that by 2025 5G will account for 45% of all mobile data. The chipset manufacturer plans to transform the automotive and manufacture industry as they partner with Siemens and other European companies in the implementation of private 5G networks for their industrial plants, and plan to collaborate with the car industry as that segment develops Artificial Intelligence-enabled cars that monitor potential hazards avoiding accidents and providing real-time information that allows for traffic monitoring and gridlock reductions.

As Qualcomm chips grasp an even stronger foothold on all sorts of mobile phones by manufacturers like Oppo, Acer, and Xiaomi, the implementations and applications of the potency of their chipsets comes into play for segments like the entertainment industry, Qualcomm partnered with companies like LiveNation and Microsoft’s Azure to unlock innovations of the millimeter-wave, a spectrum of the 5G network that Qualcomm actively studies and claim that the use of this eave is four times faster than 5G speeds on the mid-band spectrum.

Qualcomm announces PC chip, teams up with HP, Acer a& Microsoft

Today at IFA, Cristiano Amon announced Qualcomm’s new 8CXGen2 5G PC chipset, a 7W, 50% better performance, and battery life, WiFi 6-capable powerhouse that can deliver better audio, higher productivity and claims to improve battery life for days. From audio to video, the chip promises power: as the 8CX Gen 2 5G can power a dual 4K display with a single cable.  This new product by Qualcomm joins a wide array of chipsets that deliver in 5G environments instant access to on-demand cloud capabilities, high-speed reliable connectivity.

Cristiano Amon Keynote At IFA Berlin 2020

Here is the full Keynote by Cristiano Amon delivered on September 3, 2020, for IFA Berlin.

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