Haier at the IFA Berlin 2020

In this article, we bring you the highlights from Haier’s keynote at IFA 2020 Berlin. The German exposition is Europe’s largest, prestigious and most influential end-of-year consumer electronics show where all major brands gather to showcase their products and services to the public for the next season. This year’s IFA innovates with its Xtended Space virtual conference where on-demand streaming of the conferences that major tech players in the industry are giving. In this post we cover the world’s leading appliance brand with global presence as it presents its plans for the next generation of home devices that will interconnect with IoT, AI and their open ecosystem that lets all the gadgets in a home play in a seamless, invisible 5G-powered orchestra that will bring daily improvement to consumers’ lives.

From its humble starts in 1984 as a electric appliance manufacturer, traversing the complex world of connected appliances, Haier arrives to the 2020s with a strong foothold in home appliances by developing the software platform on which all the IoT devices that modern homes will now have by the first half of this decade. Through the magic of mergers and acquisitions and strategic finance management Haier found a way to claim the throne in home appliances as its vast portfolio of world-class recognized brands, combined with a strong R&D capacity developed a user-oriented entrepreneur ecosystem that allows third-party IoT manufacturers to work under Haier’s HoN app platform.

By buying several recognized brands like Candy —a major brand in Italy— Haier amassed a significant segment of the population which put in contact with their app software without any problems, since they control end-to-end integration with over eighteen families of products, and over 2500 product references.


Haier’s HoN app

HoN is a multi-platform OS app for smartphones that puts all gadgets under the control of the user. Ranking among the best in European industrial standards ranks, Haier boasted about their presence in Europe as they rank number five with 69.% market. Haier isn’t only that brand, as it encompasses GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, Aqua, Casarte, Rosiéres, Candy and Hoover. With these brands, Haier managed to become the #1 seller of tumble dryers in the UK and France, and they plan to open two new factories — in Turkey and Romania— by the first quarter of 2021 to better cater the demand for their products. All of Haier’s products by 2023 will be powered by their novel platform app HoN which integrates an open ecosystem that works seamlessly with many IoT brands.

Haier’s Global Presence

Haier’s revenue from international markets —2019 data.

  • 21.1% North America (#2)
  • 6.9% Europe (#5)
  • 11.9% Latin America (#3)
  • 7.3% Middle East/Asia (#5)
  • 22.4% Mainland China (#1)
  • 23% Asia Pacific (#1)
  • 14.3% Australia / New Zealand (#2)

With those impressive numbers, Haier can claim than one in five fridges, freezers, washing machines and wine cellars was manufactured by them, that’s an significant presence in the new trends for tech in this decade.

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