Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a New PC

Everyone knows how powerful Computers are these days are, and in 2020 when everyone needs room for something more, and we all are aware that nothing can beat a PC when it comes to power. Almost everyone needs to build a custom PC but ends up buying the laptops because of some common rumors and some fear.

If you are someone who needs to work on graphics and animation or looking at building a high-powered gaming system or just a student who doesn’t need a portable device then going for the PC makes sense. The reason is simple, with the PC you get the room for future updates. You can get only those parts you need or can replace some parts with cheaper options or an expensive one. Building your own pc allows you to choose each and every part, even the cabinet. How your PC looks and work all depends on you.

So if you are planning to buy or build your own system these are the things you have to keep in mind –

Service and warranty

If you are buying a pre-built PC than you have to find the right model as per your need. Going through the combinations of components and take your time to go for the right model. That’s not it talking about the servicing, overall warranty, home warranty, extended warranty, etc. all are the essential part. Pc requires servicing more often than a laptop.

If you are building your own PC make a list of products you want and see which company servicer center is near to your place. In a pre-build or laptop, you get a warranty for your complete system as you buy it completely. But for the custom PC, you get a different warranty on every part. In a custom pc if one thing can get damaged you can take that this for the services, unlike the pre-build PC or laptops where you got to give your whole system.

The desktop is for the long run so ask their questions before making your decision.


A lot of people are confused that how much RAM do they need. In today’s world where a lot of software is RAM hungry and the most hungry is your browser. We advise you to buy or build a PC less than 16GB of RAM. If your requirement is a gaming PC or you are into productivity buy more RAM. But just more RAM in GB’s doesn’t count you will also need a high-speed RAM. Always buy 2 sticks of RAM and run them in the dual-channel this will also give you some space for future upgrades.


SSD stands for a solid-state drive it is an electronic drive with fast speed. HDD stands for the hard disk drive is our old mechanical drive with a moving drive with low speed. If you have a high budget then go for a high storage SSD as speed comes at a price. If you don’t have a high budget you can buy a low storage SSD and an HDD. SSD for your OS, software, and games and HDD for the genal storage. But in this era, an SSD is a must. You can always upgrade that in the future.

Processor and GPU

The processor and GPU are the main parts things which are least likely to be upgraded, so go for the best on you can buy in your budget. For Processor I recommend you to go with AMD no matter what your workload is because currently, AMD gives the best price to performance ratio. For the GPU go with Nvidia and with the Nvidia RTX 30 series is coming no one can match it.


The base of your system, all of the upgrades you do in the future depends on your motherboard. Also, look at the ports on only the outside ones but also for the chassis and the PCI-E and the SATA.

That’s all we have for now. Also, read our article on Asus ROG New Lineup For the Gaming Community!!

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