India Bans Over One Hundred Games

In India, gamers woke up to the surprise that the government banned 118 smartphone apps in their territory quoting major security concerns that threat the integrity and sovereignty, defense, public security and public order of that nation. Out of the now verboten 118 apps, 31 are popular games that saw a lot of play in India’s smartphone segment. One of the most popular games seeing the governmental veto is PUBG, its two versions Mobile and Mobile Lite. Other titles like Knives Out, Rules of Survival and LifeAfter are also banned.

Only PUBG Mobile got Banned in India

Fans of the multiplayer battle-royale Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds —PUBG— will still get a breather as the game versions for PC, Xbox and PlayStation are still available.  China’s recent border aggresion against Nepal and India caused a stir in diplomatic and commercial relations. A few months ago, the Indian government chose to ban TikTok and had many of its network carriers shun Chinese 5G network manufacturers in favor of domestic or European providers quoting cyber security reasons.

Who Owns PUBG Mobile?

Tencent Games owns the rights for PUBG Mobile after a sneaky acquisition. Back in 2017, PUBG got banned in Mainland China and the Tencent Holdings group found a way to secure the rights to distribute the game after performing changes to the app. After the “changes” were made, the mobile app launched in Mainland China and saw a worldwide release in 2018, captivating a significant segment of India’s mobile gamer base: Nearly fifteen million active players.

Tencent Games, the branch of the massive holding in China made a considerable amount of money with PUBG Mobile in 2019, raking in $1.3 billion US dollars. Tencent also owns Riot Games and Epic Games, distributor of another battle-royale app that is under scrutiny in the United States as big tech —Apple & Google— prepares to ban the popular Chinese time-cruncher quoting contract breach.

List of Banned Games in India September 2020

We compiled the list of the banned games in India as of September 2020

  • Cyber Hunter
  • Cyber Hunter Lite
  • Knives Out- No Rules, Just Fight!
  • LifeAfter
  • Super Mecha Champions
  • Dawn of Isles
  • Chess Rush
  • Ludo World-Ludo Superstar
  • PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik
  • Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  • Dank Tanks
  • Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon
  • Warpath
  • Dank Tanks
  • Carrom Friends: Carrom Board & Pool Game
  • Game of Sultans
  • Ludo All Star – Play Online Ludo Game & Board Games
  • Rangers of Oblivion: Online Action MMO RPG Game
  • Bike Racing: Moto Traffic Rider Bike Racing Games
  • Road of Kings: Endless Glory
  • MARVEL Super War NetEase Games
  • AFK Arena
  • Creative Destruction NetEase Games
  • Mafia City Yott Games
  • Onmoyi NetEase Games
  • Ride Out Heroes NetEase Games
  • Legend: Rising Empire NetEase Games
  • Soul Hunters
  • Rules of Survival
  • Crusaders of Light NetEase Games
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