Lenovo’s Frontline Flip contest to Nominate a Frontline Worker for a gaming upgrade

As the work gets harder, especially for those who are standing on the frontline for example Doctors, Engineers, etc,. as when the world and life are at one of the most hectic times, these brave people risk their life as their job is most essential for society to function properly. And many of them are just like us, enjoy there free time by playing games. So for one second, imagine if you could help them to build there own gaming space so they can get there dream gaming setup as well as the break the deserve. And now Lenovo is here to make it happen, All you have to do is to nominate your frontline worker candidate you know.

Lenovo is the company that knows how to make one’s gaming experience really amazing, even when the time is so difficult. In the Lenovo Frontline Flip Contest, all you need to do is submit a video entry, where you explaining that why your nominated frontline worker should win the grand prize – gameplay footage, beautiful pictures everything is welcome around in your video production. Just try to show why your selected Nominee for who they really are, with every prop you need.

You can upload you Video in the link Below

Giveaway on Gleam.io

Lenovo’s panel of judges will select a winner, as soon as all the videos are gathered. That’s when the fun begins for the frontline worker, as they’ll get their entire gaming space rebuilt from the ground up. That’s going to be a complete makeover of the space with brand new hardware and furniture as well. The redesign is going to be under the partnership of Intel® and Lenovo’s Legion gaming brand, so you might have already known that there’s some great stuff in stock.

If you are a nominee in the competition then as thanks for your selfless act from Lenovo they will give you a Legion 5i gaming laptop powered by a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor! you can feel free to post all about it in your social media with the hashtag #LegionFrontlineFlips.

The time period for you to Nominate your frontline workers and submitting the video is of 20 days between September 7th to 27th, so go and start preparing your video. Our winner will be announced by the judges from the Lenovo panel on October 1st. The first 300 people to nominate a frontline worker will also receive a free Lenovo facemask.

he Lenovo Frontline Flip contest is a part of Intel Gamer Drops, which is the beginning of Intel Gamer Days, a celebration of the best gaming hardware the market has to offer with major deals and giveaways from Intel and its partners starting August 28. Intel Gamer Days and Lenovo Frontline Flips can create a celebration for the frontline worker in your life. hey deserve it, and you might just get something yourself for showing how much you care.

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