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Good Morning Veronica Season 1 Release Date, Plotline, and Cast Updates

Good Morning Veronica Season 1 just arrived on Netflix, and here is everything that you must know.

For today, we are going dwell into the details of the show, Good Morning Veronica Season 1. We are going to highlight the release date, plot, episodes, and other information that may follow. Directed by the creative brain, José Henrique Fonseca, Good Morning Veronica is a Brazilian television series starring Taina Muller as Veronica Torres. However, the series is primarily motivated by the incidents that take shape when Veronica receives anonymous calls from women asking for help. Developed under the production company, Zola Filmes, this series is streaming on Netflix. This drama series significantly points out the uncertainties, which prove the beginning of the forthcoming disaster.

Good Morning Veronica Season 1 – Release Date:-

The drama television series, Good Morning Veronica, is a beautiful amalgamation of diversity, responsibilities, love, and the horror that comes with the job. The series is an adaptation of the novel penned under the same, written by Raphael Montes and Ilana Cosey. Veronica is a hardworking police secretary working at a homicide police station in Sao Paulo. She is a married woman having two children. The story engulfs around her directing she is trapped in a vicious circle. However, to see what horrors she faced and to know more about her, watch the season 1 streaming on Netflix. The crime thriller, Good Morning Veronica, has been released on Thursday, October 1st, 2020, on Netflix.

The Plotline of Good Morning Veronica Season 1:-

Good Morning Veronica is a streaming web series based on Cop drama. Unlike other cop dramas, this one prominently highlights the feminism theme in a constructive manner. She is working as a Police secretary, under Chief Wilson Carvana, who is also her godfather. After a victim named Marta Campos shot her dead with a gun, and the video went viral on the internet, there were sleepless nights since then. At the same time, after encountering Marta Campos and other violent situations, her stress rise to the peak.

At last, Veronica urges every woman to call her in case of domestic violence. But the case of a mysterious woman calls and cries for help makes Veronica puzzled. In the pursuit of solving two bizarre cases, she learns something distasteful about her husband. The web series is a tale, narrating the life of a strong-willed woman who tries to balance her personal and professional life. Despite her innumerable attempts, she watches her world falling apart.

Good Morning Veronica Season 1 Plotline

Season 1 Cast:-

The feminist protagonist of the series, Veronica, is played by Taina Muller. While Elisa Volpatto, Camila Morgado, and Eduardo Moscovis will be playing characters of Anita, Janete, and Claudio. However, recurring characters like Wilson Carvana (Antonio Grassi), Paulo (Cesar Mello), and Raphael Torres (DJ Amorim) will be seen as well. Through the characterization of the main lead and the other supporting characters, the series loudly calls out the inhumanities and the violence persisting in the society. Additionally, eight episodes have been aired on Netflix.

Good Morning Veronica cast and characters

To summarize, Good Morning Veronica Season 1 is a must-watch series to educate the message of feminism and appreciating the women for whatever they do. Alas, it is a bit sad that we need a series to address the elephant in the room. 

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