The V Wars Season 2 under Speculations

Is The V Wars Being Cancelled Or Renewed For Season 2?

Today we are going to talk about the science fiction show, The V Wars, and will be addressing the speculation regarding season 2’s release. Originated in the United States, this television series is originally based on a book, V Wars, and is written by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson. Although the first season was premiered on December 5th, 2019, speculations have been raised regarding the release of season 2. With an average 6.73/10 rating, the audience and the critics don’t have a specific longing for season 2. However, the delays and rumors have gained their attention. With the opposing forces of blood and vampire elements, season 2 is going to be full of surprises if released.

The plotline of the show:-

With 47-57 minutes running time, this television series revolves around a scientist named Dr. Luther Swann and his partner, Michael Fayne. The story is set on the partnership of physicians/scientists who explore the world where an ongoing war between humans and vampires is experienced. Adding a supernatural tint to the story, the creator has captivated the attention of the audience. However, as a result, the apocalypse was caused to a primitive biological infectious agent. Unfortunately, this infectious agent enters Michael Fayne’s body and transforms his body into a vulturous animal. As a result, Fayne turns into a beast who feeds on human blood, aka Vampire. The television series is produced by Thomas Vencelides, High Park Entertainment, and IDW Entertainment.

The V Wars Season 2 Release Date

Expectation regarding The V Wars Season 2:-

The show follows the discoveries of Dr. Luther Swann and the engagement of Michael Fayne. The series highlights the transformation from an individual into a blood-sucking beast. The transformation leads to a war between vampires and humans. Creators have hinted towards the dynamic characters, prominently the introduction of Indian characters – father and a daughter.

It is expected that season 2 will follow the narrative of the V Wars comic. In the second segment of the comic: Blood and Fire, a viable settlement bought peace between humans and vampires. Even if they introduce a direction to the narrative, we can still expect the complex relationship between vampire and human relationships.

The V Wars is going to be cancelled


Is Series Canceled, or Season 2 will be Renewed?

This is the most recurrent question that has been troubling the fans. Even the cast and crew are being bombarded with the same question. As everything is mixed with dust, and no specific details have been announced, everything remains conjecture. As season 1 with ten episodes was released on 5th December 2019, we can expect season 2 in 2021. While many critics despised the writing style, others found the series funny and somewhat freaky.

The V Wars Season 2 vampire regime

The V Wars Season 2 cast:-

Though season 2 will be continuing from the ending of season 1, the main cast of the series will remain untouched in season 2. Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann, Adrian Holmes as Michael Fayne, Laura Vandervoort as Mila Dubov, and Sydney Meyer as Ava O’ Malley will be present. Additionally, Peter Outerbridge as Calix Niklos and Kyle Breitkopf as Dezz Swann will be reprising in season 2.

To conclude, we cannot specifically comment on whether the series will be canceled or season 2’s making is in progress. However, we can only wait for the official announcement from the productions. 

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