WWE Supercard Season 7
WWE Supercard Season 7

WWE Supercard Season 7: Official Statistics and Tiers Revealed

(Pocket-build up) – WWE Supercard has developed massively since its presentation for Android and iOS in 2014. Its people group is gigantic, and the game itself has changed essentially in every one of those years.

We’ve been playing it ourselves since Season 2 and keep on day by day, so we seized the opportunity to get a sneak look at the progressions accompanying a Season 7 update this week.

A considerable lot of them are critical as well – with new capacities, procedures, card levels (obviously), and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here then are the enormous changes coming to WWE Supercard and a brief explainer of the game for newcomers.

What is WWE Supercard Season 7 Card Statistics?

Supercard Season 7 Card stats
Supercard Season 7 Card stats


This is a simple one. Throughout the long term, cards have gotten strangely amazing, with every level having expanded details in the course of the last. This implies that while the game initially began with details recorded during the 100s, the last level of Season 6 – SummerSlam 20 – could be stepped up and proud to have details in the large numbers.

This makes it a lot harder to quickly decide whether the individual will win a fight against an adversary card. Designer Cat Daddy is consequently shortening details going ahead – ensuring that cards have close to four numbers for every detail on the screen immediately.

That implies a card that would have had 3,800,000 as a detailed rating, will currently be recorded as 3.800M. They don’t lose any force, it just makes it a lot simpler to peruse initially. Details under 1,000,000 are shortened to the closest 100,000.

WWE Supercard Season 7: New Tiers

WWE Supercard Season 7 New Tiers
WWE Supercard Season 7 New Tiers

Similarly, as with previous occasional updates, three new levels are being presented with Season 7: Bio-Mechanical, Swarm, and Behemoth. They are progressively more impressive in a specific order.

Excluding occasion cards, which will be added later, the Bio-Mechanical level is comprised of 164 introductory cards, as is Swarm, while Behemoth has an underlying 152 geniuses in the set.

The game is likewise resetting the base level (which was Beast in Season 6) to Gothic.

One extra new level element – Collections – can be found in the game’s Catalog. This year, achieving a bunch of explicit cards in a single level will compensate you for another card at a higher level. For instance, gather the Swarm renditions of Xavier Woods, The Boogeyman, Shinsuke Nakamura, Edge, Nikki Cross, and Naomi, and you can guarantee an arbitrary Behemoth card.

What are the other new features of WWE Supercard Season 7?

WWE Supercard Season 7 Features
WWE Supercard Season 7 Features

We still don’t see some other new features and adjustments in the demo version that we have access to. These include the new WarGames event mode, which will not be available in the initial update of Season 7 but will be launched in December 2020. However, we can tell you that this will require male and female decks, each with 16 top cards.

We will also inform you that there’s a new rough copy Picks part of the homepage, so you do not have to play about simply getting a rough copy picks you may own been unable to assert (say, you had too countless playing cards in your deck already).

Speaking of which, card limits are similar to Season 6: 400 superstars/support, 100 equipment, 100 enhancements.

Another big vary comes with the rewards ladder, even though that stored crashing for us (was an early construct afterward all). In keeping with Cat Daddy, you’ll not play 15,000 video games simply to get a reward on the top end of the scale.

And finally, we did not get to see a lot of the ultimate retailer or how Super Coins may be spent.

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