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Toyota Recalls 145,000 Mid-Size SUVs Including Grand Highlander for Faulty Curtain Shield Airbags

Toyota Grand Highlander
Toyota Grand Highlander (Toyota)

Toyota has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 145,000 mid-size SUVs in the United States, specifically the Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX models, due to concerns over faulty curtain shield airbags.

The recall stems from a discovery that these airbags may not deploy correctly during an accident. The affected airbags are situated on the driver’s side, and the malfunction could occur if the driver’s window is rolled down at the time of impact. This potential issue heightens the risk of injury in a crash involving that specific area of the vehicle.

According to Toyota’s press release, the recall affects 2024 models of the Grand Highlander and TX, as these are the only model years currently available for either SUV. The company has assured owners that it is actively developing a solution to rectify the airbag problem.

Toyota Grand Highlander

Toyota Logo (Toyota)

Toyota plans to notify all affected owners by mid-August, outlining the necessary steps for inspection and repair. This proactive approach underscores Toyota’s commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of its vehicles on the road.

Owners of the Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX are advised to be attentive to further communications from Toyota regarding the recall process. The company urges affected customers to respond promptly to notifications in order to schedule the required repairs as soon as possible.

By addressing this issue swiftly, Toyota aims to minimize any potential risks associated with the faulty airbags and maintain its reputation for prioritizing customer safety.

This recall adds to the ongoing efforts within the automotive industry to uphold stringent safety standards and promptly address any identified defects that could compromise vehicle safety. Toyota’s proactive stance in addressing the curtain shield airbag concern reflects its commitment to maintaining transparency and accountability in delivering safe transportation solutions to consumers.

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