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New Game “Clickolding” Promises Unsettling Experience with Dark Story and Intense Gameplay


A new clicking game titled Clickolding is set to be released, and it promises a uniquely unsettling experience. The game, which seems to derive its name from the term “cuckolding,” is described as a “dark incremental narrative game” on Steam. The objective involves using a tally counter to satisfy a masked man sitting in the corner of a hotel room. This description alone sets a disturbing tone, hinting at an eerie and intense gameplay experience.

The game’s trailer intensifies this unsettling vibe. It features the masked man in a hotel room, demanding clicks on a tally counter. The atmosphere is charged with an almost violent and sexual tension.

The trailer leaves players with many questions about the game’s progression and rewards, such as whether you receive a bag of money, if the masked man explodes, or if the game transforms into something akin to the Saw franchise. All these mysteries will be revealed on July 16, the game’s release date for PC.



Clickolding is being developed by Strange Scaffold, a studio known for titles like El Paso, Elsewhere, I Am Your Beast, and Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator. This history gives hope that the game will transcend the usual clicking game formula, offering something unique and engaging.

It’s also being published by Outersloth, the indie game fund established by the creators of Among Us. Given this background, Clickolding is unlikely to be just another standard clicker game, especially with the ominous presence of the masked man, who is also armed.

While clicking games typically aren’t considered high art, some have managed to capture widespread attention. A recent example is the game Banana, which topped the Steam charts and offered the potential for players to make real money, despite lacking the disturbing elements of Clickolding.

This indicates that there is a market for innovative and engaging clicking games, and Clickolding could very well become a phenomenon in its own right.

Clickolding is poised to be a distinctive addition to the clicking game genre. With its dark narrative, unsettling atmosphere, and the pedigree of its developer and publisher, it promises to deliver a unique experience that goes beyond typical clicker games. The game’s release on July 16 will unveil the full extent of its disturbing and intriguing gameplay, potentially making it a standout title in the genre.

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